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Sports Injuries - Everything You Should Know About Injuries & Healing Treatments!

You may have faced or could face a sports injury either while playing a game or doing some exercise. These injuries cause significant pain on the body but could be healed early if appropriately treated. If you are playing sports frequently or prefer daily exercises, there are more chances of facing a similar situation.

Hence, it is essential to know the cause and healing process. Here, we will be discussing the same.

Types of Injuries

Every sports injury has different systems, and it may cause varieties of complications in the body. Major injuries are mentioned below:

  • Dislocation of Bone:  When you fall forcefully, the born of that particular part may dislocate from the place. It may cause Major pain issues or difficulty in moving the part. You must contact the doctor to find the exact pain issue and take medication.
  • Fractures: The major complication of most sports injuries is fractured that take more time to heal. It takes months to recover from the pain and complication. The time to recover may depend on the severity.
  • Muscle Pain: You may also feel severe pain and swallowing on the injured part. It may take a week or two to recover. You may feel the pain in future too.
  • Injured Knee Through Overstretching: Stretching is followed as the first major step before starting a game or exercise. But it may cause injuries as a result of heavy stretching or more sets.
  • Strains And Sprains: These are very commonly found pain issues with sportsmen or gymnastic people. Tearing and tendering of muscles is most common.

You may come through these issues if you are following exercise schedules regularly.

How to Prevent Sports Injuries?

Some of the major preventions are as follows:

  • Correct Equipment and Techniques: Equipment to prevent sports injury includes sports shoes, safety gloves and helmets. Equipment may vary from a variety of sports. Techniques include using the correct procedure to play the game and the correct posture for every short.
  • Exceeding Number of Sets or Over-Playing: Excess of anything may lead to injury or hurt the used body part. So, never repeat the exercise or the game too prolonged. It is the basic prevention measure for safe play.
  • Start Slowly & Never Skip Warm-Up: Warm-ups help in accelerating the speed of muscles and blood in the body. So, always start your game with a little warm-up and increase the speed simultaneously.

In this way, one can follow the best practices to prevent sports injury.

How to Treat Sports Injuries?

Slow stretching and keeping a cool pad on the affected areas are best prevention practices for sports injuries. But the best treatment is given through the "RICE" technique. RICE refers to Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. But, remember this technique only works for patients with minor injuries. In case of major injuries, one must prefer the guidelines and precautions preferred by the doctor. The x-ray should be done after the accident without any delay.

Sports injuries may put you in this situation where you will not be able to play again for a long time. Sideline recovery and no Movement in the body part for a long time may occur in a chronic injury. There is some regenerative medicine that can help you to heal the effective tissue and repair them quickly. But yes, it is suggested to get it verified by your physician before taking it. These are some common medicines that one can take to relieve the pain and heal the injury naturally.

  • Lipogems: It is a medical procedure followed for a sportsperson who has a sports injury and want to heal it faster. It works on the adipose stem cells of the damaged tissue. It is a very common technique that is followed by collecting some of the fat cells from the thigh or abdomen and harvesting cells with a properly measured and safe technique. But yes, the techniques are performed by highly professional doctors and anaesthesia is given to the path while harvesting the cells.
    ome care also plays a major role in healing sports injuries. The first step is to rest the body parts so they can come to their original position early. The swelling can be minimised by elevating them above your heart. Impression with a proper bandage can help keep the area warm and prevent it from infections that could cause a major issue later.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: The therapy is given to patients with joint or cartilage damage, tendon injury or joint inflammation. These therapies are given via growth factors found in the blood.
    The growth factors found in the blood has many essential nutrients and protein, which Can Heal the injury faster. If the technique is used properly, the patient may resume their daily activities earlier.
  • Tenjet Technique: Tendon plays a major role to connect the muscles to a bone. It is the best technique used to remove all the damaged tissues from the joints. The technique is only used what tendon chronic pains. If a similar kind of muscle injury occurs, then it could be very painful if untreated for a few days.

The device is inserted saline solution is released that helps in removing the damaged tissue. The treatment can be done for the Shoulders, knees, ankles and hips.

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