Hairstim-XT Biotin 10,000mcg with Amino Acids, Natural Extracts & Multivitamins for Women & Men | Supplement to control hair loss, hair fall & for Fast Hair Growth – 30 Veg Tablets

Bionova Hairstim XT Biotin 10,000mcg with Added Nutrients - 30 Tablets

  • Suitable for men & Women
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Quality Verified
Quantity: 30 Tablets

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Is this a hair loss month?

Why am I suffering hair loss?

How should I prevent hair loss?

How much hair loss is normal?

How to cure hair loss?

These above-curated lists of questions reminded you of the last time you asked similar ones? 

Bionova, a GMP certified nutraceutical manufacturing unit with dedicated quality products is here to help.

Hair loss, also known as Alopecia is one of the common issues. Over ten lakh cases are witnessed per year in India. Should you let the issue go? Definitely not.

Hair loss is often confused with hair fall. Dead hair strands that fall off your head are considered under the umbrella of hair fall. Normal hair fall is not the root cause of hair loss issue. Studies suggest that on average an individual lose 100 hair a day. Each hair strand goes through a life cycle: growth, resting and shedding. It is, hence, normal for humans to witness hair fall but when the growth of new hair remains stagnant or decreases with time, you should be alarmed. 

The condition of excessive hair loss with no or decreasing growth rate is called hair loss. Hair loss may be temporary or permanent depending on lifestyle changes.

What Causes Hair Loss?

If you’re wondering what may be the reasons behind hair loss, below mentioned are the common ones:

  • Hereditary (Family History)

  • Hormonal Changes (Imbalance)

  • Medications

  • Beauty Treatments

  • Age

  • Poor Nutrition

  • Medical Conditions

  • Stress

  • Radiation Therapy

How To Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair Naturally?

Looking for healthier and stronger hair? 

You have found your solution!

Naturally, stimulate the growth of existing follicles and support new tissue growth through proven vitamins and minerals.


Hairstim-XT is a haircare supplement formulated in the research unit of Bionova. The key ingredients of this supplement are amino acids, minerals, vitamins and herbal extracts that researches suggest are effective for reducing hair loss and controlling hair fall. 

The amino acid complex present in Hairstim-XT triggers keratin synthesis that helps improve the hair volume and reduce hair loss.

Bionova’s Hairstim-XT : An Ultimate Hair Strength Support

Bionova Hairstim-XT is manufactured following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) among the highest standard. Biotin is part of the family of B vitamins and supports fat metabolism.

Hairstim-XT tablets are scientifically formulated using the best-proven ingredients to support youthful hair nourishment for optimum growth. 

Hairstim-XT tablets function as DHT blockers. The production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is believed to be the root cause of hair loss problems, is blocked with the consumption of Bionova supplements. 

Bionova’s plant-based tablets are both GMO and toxin-free. These supplements help support healthy hair and facilitate energy metabolism. The convenient size of our tablets made Bionova the talk of the town. 

Bionova’s Hairstim-XT tablets come in a pack of 30, providing you with a daily required value of 10000 mcg with required nutrients. 

The tablets that you receive at your doorstep from Bionova are, therefore, 100% vegetarian. Besides, they are free from harmful preservatives, soy, gluten and dairy products. The elimination of toxic chemicals in the entire procedure ensures tablets are cent percent pure that help control hair loss.

The packaging procedure follows all necessary protocols of hygiene and is available for consumption after passing more than 30 rigorous quality checks. Each batch gets screened for potency, identity and safety. Hence, tablets get supervised through good manufacturing practices. The strict vigilance over quality & purity of the ingredients at multiple stages involved in packaging follows the procedure, after passing which Bionova’s Hairstim-XT tablets get finally dispatched.


Hairstim-XT vegetarian tablets come packed in a sun-protected PET bottle. No harmful or heavy metals are ever used.


Bionova’s plant-based Hairstim-XT PET bottle comes with a total of 30 tablets. Each tablet provides 10000 mcg of biotin.

Suggested Dose

Consider consuming 1 tablet daily after the main meal for prompt hair fall control and hair follicle nourishment or as prescribed by a healthcare professional. For best results take at least 3 months.


Our tablets are gender-inclusive and suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. 

However, a few of the side effects along with notable points are mentioned below in the ‘exercise caution’ section, make sure you read that before making the final call.

Who should consume Hairstim-XT tablets?

It is advisable to read the following points that bring out the various groups of individuals who shall consume Hairstim-XT tablets.

  • Androgenic Alopecia: It is a pattern form of hair loss faced by men and women. This condition may arise due to genetic factors. 

  • Anagen Effluvium: It is a condition wherein hair shedding arise during the growth stage due to acute injury to hair follicles.

  • Individuals face premature greying of hair due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  

  • Thinning of hair is faced because of unavoidable stress and hormonal changes.

  • Alopecia Areata: It is a patchy form of hair loss which attacks hair follicles and leave round, bald spots.

  • Telogen Effluvium: It is a scalp disorder faced by individuals wherein hair began to shed in the resting phase.

If you fall under any aforementioned category, assist the healthy hair structure through the prevention of premature hair loss with the daily consumption of Hairstim-XT tablets.


Bionova’s Hairstim-XT tablets might benefit your body in the following ways:

  • Keratin Booster: The protein that hair follicles are made of is called keratin. Amino acid is the element that triggers keratin synthesis. Amino acid-rich Hairstim-XT supplements boost keratin synthesis and thereby improves hair density.

  • Safe and Effective: The root cause of hair loss problems- DHT is blocked with the consumption of Hairstim-XT tablets. The daily consumption of biotin (water-soluble vitamin) tablets with the main meal provides nourished and voluminous hair. 

  • Healthy Hair Structure: Optimum level of natural extracts and multivitamins smoothens the hair texture and gives it a lustrous appearance. Support the hair growth by strengthening the hair follicles with Hairstim-XT.

Exercise Caution

Bionova believes in strict honesty. Proper measures are taken to ensure the quality of tablets that help you achieve your purpose of consumption. 

Consumption of Hairstim-XT supplements may produce side effects on the body. Below mentioned are the side effects that one may experience in rare cases along with precautions that you must keep a track of:

Excessive usage of tablets (more than advised quantity) can cause scalp irritation and acne. 

Herbal/health supplements are generally not recommended for children. Consider seeking medical advice. 

Avoid undesirable side effects and never consume Hairstim-XT tablets in place of medications prescribed by your doctor. 

Consult a dermatologist for the right dose.

Finally, allow Bionova help you achieve the purpose you are here for. Support hair growth and smoothen the texture of hair with Bionova’s Hairstim-XT tablets.



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