Super Antioxidant Astaxanthin 12 mg, with Natural Tocopherols & Zinc | For Energy, Eyes, Muscle & Skin | - 90 veg capsules

Exclusively made for athletes, sportsmen, bodybuilders to let you not down with the performance, endurance & recovery. Super antioxidant vegetarian capsules.

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There is a growing acceptance that highly intensive exercises produce free radicals and induce oxidative stress. For committed athletes and fitness fanatics, excessive intensive training can pose long term health consequences. 

If you’re one of those, you must be wondering why? 

The presence of reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, damages cellular components and cells of organisms. In order to balance this oxidative stress and provide a cushion to the body of organisms, complex systems of compounds are produced internally by the body.  

These compounds also known as antioxidants, possess preventive damage properties and restrain oxidation. It is not necessary for the body to produce all antioxidants, a few are advised to consume through diet and supplements. 

Chemical compounds such as Natural AstaxanthinTocopherol and Chemical element- Zinc are some of the anti-oxidant agents that inhibit oxidation chemical reactions. 

The excessive production of free radicals overwhelms already present antioxidants. The body may fail to defence against the health threats those free radicals pose. Endurance training especially induces oxidative stress beyond the scope that the human body could handle.  

When oxidative stress begins to go beyond the level that your body is capable of handling, cells begin losing to this chemical reaction. For you to repair and prevent this oxidative stress altogether, the consumption of Astaxanthin is advised. 

Why Astaxanthin, Tocopherols and Zinc Supplement?

Extensive sports medical research demonstrated that intense muscular contraction, lead to the increased localized production of free radicals. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after intensive exercise or training is caused by lactic acid metabolism, hydroxyl-proline damage, which is induced by the production of free radicals. 

After intense training, there is a substantial increase of exercise-induced unwanted by-products, which if not eliminated effectively, can trigger a series of cellular or tissue damages resulting in inflammation, muscular fatigue and dysfunction. All of them will predispose the body to injury and will slow the magnitude of recovery.

Astaxanthin is a rich antioxidant that helps in reversing free radical damage on cells, skin and tissues. Hence, it is the most potent anti-oxidant ever discovered. When the rich qualities of Astaxanthin combine with natural tocopherols and zinc, the immune system receives exemplary added support.   

Another question in making! You must now be wondering where to search for a scientifically formulated combination of the three? 

Bionova is here to offer help.  

Introducing before you Bionova’s Super Antioxidant, a unique combination of Natural Astaxanthin from natural Haematococcus pluvialis algae extract with Tocopherols and Zinc. Exclusively developed for professional bodybuilders, BTN Super Antioxidant allow front line defence against cell damage. 

The procedure involved in the formulation of Bionova capsules strictly ensure the absence of fillers and chemicals. The daily consumption of capsules (refer to suggested dose section for clarity) help athletes, sportsmen and bodybuilders with endurance and assist the recovery. 


For better bioavailability, Bionova Targeted Nutrition Super Antioxidant capsules come packed in a sun-protected PET bottle. No harmful or heavy metals are ever used. 


Bionova’s Super Antioxidant (Natural Astaxanthin, tocopherols and zinc) PET bottle comes with a total of 90 capsules. The capsules provide 12 mg of Astaxanthin, 5 mg of natural tocopherols and 9 mg of zinc per serving. 

Suggested Dose  

Preferably consume one capsule twice a day after meals or as prescribed by a healthcare professional/ dietician. Going by their advice, you are suggested to increase or decrease the consumption of capsules.  


Our capsules are gender-inclusive and suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.  

However, a few of the side effects along with notable points are mentioned below in the ‘exercise caution’ section, make sure you read that before making the final call. 

Here, arrives the section that will lay a concrete base to assist you to prefer Bionova’s supplements.  

Why Bionova’s Super Antioxidant Capsules? 

Bionova Targeted Nutrition Super Antioxidant capsules is an exclusively unique combination formulated with Natural Astaxanthin, Tocopherols and Zinc. 

It is specifically designed for strengthening the immune system with a positive contribution in improving physical stamina and the health of vital organs. 

Bionova supplements are manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP certified facility amongst the highest standard with hypoallergenic ingredients.  

Each Bionova Super Antioxidant capsule comes with the combination of Natural Astaxanthin with Tocopherols and Zinc, delivering a daily required value of 12 mg Natural Astaxanthin, 5 mg tocopherols and 9 mg zinc per serving.  

Coming in a pack of 90, Bionova capsules are helpful in controlling the free radical activity in the cells and promoting skin health. Regular consumption ensures the targeted release of nutrients, which is necessary for the precise action of this combination. 

The capsules you receive at your doorstep from Bionova are 100% vegetarian. Besides, they are free from harmful preservatives, soy and dairy products. The elimination of fillers, banned substances and toxic chemicals in the entire procedure ensures capsules are cent per cent pure and free from harmful additives.  

The packaging procedure follows all protocols of hygiene and is available for consumption after passing more than 30 rigorous quality checks. Each batch gets screened for potency, identity and safety. Hence, capsules are supervised through good manufacturing practices. The strict vigilance over quality & purity of the ingredients at multiple stages involved in packaging follows the procedure, after passing which Bionova’s Super Antioxidant vegetarian capsules get finally dispatched. 


Bionova’s super antioxidant capsules might benefit your body in the following ways: 

  • Improves Immunity: Compounds of Astaxanthin participate actively in strengthening the human immune system. Enjoy potent anti-oxidant properties with BTN Super Antioxidant. 
  • Maximum Strength Astaxanthin: Bionova Super Antioxidant capsules contain natural astaxanthin derived from natural Haematococcus Pluvialis algae extract. It specifically helps in reversing free radical damage caused by oxidative stress on cells, skin and tissues.  
  • Promotes normal eye and skin health: Made with the combination of Astaxanthin, Zinc and Tocopherols, Super Antioxidant capsules promote normal eye and joint health. This combination is also helpful in enhancing skin health by supporting the youthful appearance of the skin. 

We got it; you are no more wondering about where to find the exclusive combination of Astaxanthin, natural tocopherols and zinc when Bionova Super Antioxidant capsules come to your door in natural form. Ain’t it?  

Exercise Caution

Bionova believes in strict honesty. Proper measures are taken to ensure the quality of capsules that help you achieve your purpose of consumption. 

Consumption of super antioxidant supplements may produce side effects on the body. Below mentioned are the side effects that one may experience in rare cases along with precautions that you must keep a track of:

  • Excessive usage of capsules (more than advised quantity) can cause stomach pain and abdominal cramps. 
  • Pregnant and nursing women must avoid the super antioxidant supplement.
  • People with serious medical conditions are recommended to consult a healthcare professional before the consumption of Astaxanthin, natural tocopherols and zinc capsules.   

Herbal/health supplements including super antioxidant capsules are generally not recommended for children.  

Avoid undesirable side effects by never consuming Bionova capsules in place of medications prescribed by your trainer or dietician.  

Finally, allow Bionova help you achieve the purpose you are here for. Enhance endurance and recovery procedure with Bionova Super Antioxidant: Astaxanthin, natural tocopherols and zinc capsules. Healthy lifestyle in making!

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