Nectar Valley Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix | Quick creamy desert mix | All you need is Milk | 100% Vegetarian - 200g

Prepare a scrumptious dessert at the comfort of your home with Nectar Valley Chocolate Pudding Mix. A delicious chocolate flavoured dessert which can be prepared within minutes. It is delicious 100% vegetarian pudding. All you need is milk.

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Quality Verified
Weight: 250 Grams

64 Units sold in last 7 days


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  • Naturally fat free, does not contain high fructose corn syrup

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Stabilizer, Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colour, Added Cocoa Powder

STORAGE: Keep in a cool, hygienic & dry place. Do not use wet spoon.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Boil 500 ml of fresh milk, mix 100 gm of Nectar Valley instant pudding chocolate to boiling milk stir vigorously until it gets dissolved. Pour it into a flat dish or small cups. Keep it in the refrigerator for the enhanced taste for 10 minutes. Nectar Valley instant pudding chocolate is ready to serve. 

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