Nectar Valley Rose Milk Powder, no refined sugar added | Just Add 2 Spoons Powder In A Glass Of Milk | Makes 12 Glasses - 250g

Boost your energy with refreshing Nectar Valley's Rose Milk Powder, can be prepared instantly by adding 2 spoons of powder in a glass of milk, serve chill. Made of natural ingredients that elevate the flavour of this refreshing drink. No Refined Sugars Added

  • 100% vegetarian
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Weight: 250 Grams

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Rose Milk: Benefits and Uses

Rose milk is a super drink, delicious, rose-flavored and refreshing milk drink. Rose milk is sweet and cold. Rose milk is a fantastic drink which we can make in our own home, Don't worry about the preparation; here is an easy way to prepare this fantastic recipe in your home.

Nectar Valley Rose Milk Powder helps you prepare Rose milk instantly in your own home in an easy way. It's also very convenient in usage. Nectar Valley Rose Milk powder is 100% vegetarian and also contains many vitamins.

It's also a source of several minerals. So you get multiple health benefits from it.

Health Benefits of Rose Milk Powder

Rose milk powder is very beneficial for multiple health problems because it is made from organic substances, and it is a milk recipe. It contains the right quantity of minerals. Here we discuss several health benefits of rose milk with you.

  • Skin Care

 Our skin is the largest organ of our body, so you want to give proper skincare even in the diet. Rose milk can give good skin health because it is a source of antioxidants. These antioxidants in rose milk can help remove the free radicals from the body and reduce oxidative stress. Rose milk can give protection from UV radiation and remove the toxin and chemical from the skin.

  • Eye Care

Rose milk gives you good eye health. It is because rose flowers have a natural compound that can reduce the difficulty of vision. Milk has vitamins like vitamin a, which is the main compound for good vision. Rose milk has many antioxidants that can give you normal function to eyes in photoreceptor morphology and visual response. The antioxidant in rose milk can also restrict the eyes' chronic oxidative injury because it can damage the visual response and challenging vision. Rose milk can also give protection against many eye diseases like dry eyes, conjunctiva, etc.

  • Brain care

Rose milk contains vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e, and vitamin b. These antioxidants help boost up brainpower and fight against free radicals, which are the main reason for many diseases. It enters into neutral pathways and reduces neural functions, leading to dementia, Alzheimer's, memory loss, etc. It contains vitamin b complex, including vitamin b1, vitamin b2, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, etc., which helps prevent neuron damage. It also has antidepressants that help to reduce stress and anxiety, which helps to increase mental health. It can relax the mind and body. Rose milk also helps in the retention of memory and boosts up memory power.

  • Digestive Care

Rose petals & milk both have a laxative property that helps to reduce constipation. Rose milk increases the water in the gut and increases the frequency of digestion. Rose milk can help you in proper digestion proper assimilation absorption. Rose milk can make an increase in bile flow, and it helps almost all digestion discomfort.

  • Prevent From The Infections

Rose milk contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The ability of rose milk can prevent infections. Rose milk can remove toxins and waste products from the body; the antiseptic property of rose milk also helps you in fast wound healing and cures of cuts, scars, etc. rose milk also has an anti-inflammatory property. So it can prevent inflammation a lot. Regular drinking of rose milk can help you protect yourself from different types of infections.

Preparation of Powder

Just take a glass of milk (200 ml) and add two teaspoons of Nectar Valley Rose Milk Powder. Stir to dissolve and add some ice to it. Serve with excellent and tasty toppings of your choice, such as creams and fruits.

Storage Requirement

It is recommended to store it in a cool, dry, and hygienic place. Could you not use the wet spoon in it? After preparing rose milk, it can store up to 1-2 hrs. But sudden use after making it is better.

Difference between Rose Milk and Other Drinks 

You are familiar with many drinks for your good health and as a treat to your taste buds. Unlike other watery drinks, Nectar valley rose milk powder provides you with a thick milkshake, which has a delicious mouthfeel.

Unlike other tasty drinks, rose milk has many miraculous health benefits. Rose milk is made by adding the rose-flavored powder to milk rose is the queen of flowers, and milk is the king of foods. Both together give you a sound body and better health.

INGREDIENTS: Pure Rosa Damascene, Sugar, Milk Solids, Natural & Nature Identical Flavouring Substance.

STORAGE: Keep in a cool, hygienic & dry place. Do not use wet spoon.

BENEFITS: Rose petals contains high content of vitamin C, pectin etc. Which combine very well to provide all round assistance for internal processes of body. Clears toxins & heat from human body providing cooling effect.

Please note: The taste, colour & flavour may slightly vary season to season because of natural ingredeints.

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