Diagud-SR health drink for those suffering from diabetes

If you are diabetic, doctors will recommend you to eat something within a gap of every 3 to 4 hours. The question is what happens when we are sleeping? 7 to 8 hours without food ? Here is Diagud-SR a complex carbohydrate drink that'll keep supplying energy to your body throughout when you are sleeping. This will keep your body protected from various diabetic related complexes that are developed during night for being hunger for a longer period.

  • Suitable for men & Women
  • 100% vegetarian
Weight: 200 Grams

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Bionova supplements passes more than 30 rigorous quality checks, every batch gets screened for potency, identity & safety. Manufactured under highest manufacturing quality standards, following good manufacturing practices & strict vigilance over quality & purity of the ingredeints. 

  • FORTIFIED WITH COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES: Bionova Diabetic food supplement is an advanced nutritional formulation that is enriched with more than 30 vital nutrients
  • STEADY SUGAR RELEASE: Bionova Diabetic food supplement releases glucose slowly and steadily into the blood stream, which means, there is no sudden increase in the sugar levels when this supplement is consumed.
  • IMPROVED ENERGY PRODUCTION: This supplement contains complex carbohydrates, which keep the energy production steady and stable
  • REDUCES OXIDATIVE STRESS: It is helpful in addressing the oxidative stress-induced complications in hyperglycemia patients.
  • SUPPORTS WELLBEING: Bionova Diabetic food supplement is fortified with dietary fibers, essential vitamins and minerals and it supports overall well-being by supporting normal functioning of the vital organs - A dietary supplement that is ideal for both men and women - 100% vegetarian product suitable

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