Bionova Vitamin C 1000 mg supplement in form of tablets (Non-Acidic & buffered) | Daily one - Gentle On Stomach | 30's pack

Vitamin c provides all day immune protection, anti-inflammation, nervous system protection, free radical scavenging, anti-aging, wound healing, nervous system protection, joint support and antioxidant defense.

  • Suitable for men & Women
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Quality Verified
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Vitamins are the essential micronutrient organisms need for the proper functioning of metabolism.

Unlike energy sources, vitamins are compounds of nutrients aiding strengthening of bones, healing of wounds and development of the nervous system. They help your body fight against infections and ensure your immunity system is in good working order.

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient your body needs. Also referred to as L-ascorbic acid, ascorbic acid and L-ascorbate, Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin with exemplary anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Significant amounts of Vitamin C are directed to healthy tissue development in the body.

Food and vegetables are widely known sources of Vitamin C.

Since ascorbic acid is a water-soluble element and gets destroyed by heat, hence, it is important to note that the consumption of vitamin C sources in a raw state is imperative. Prolonged storage and/or cooking leads to less effective pros. 

The water-soluble vitamins including vitamin C require continuous replenishment due to lack of storage arising from solubility characteristics. To avail health benefits in the whole form and ensure correct biosynthesis of collagen, vitamin C has to be an essential dietary component.

A dull and lethargic state may arise if vitamin level intake is insufficient. The body grows vulnerable to infection and may take the form of acute/serious complications. Scurvy, for example, develops in case of a deficiency of vitamin C.

Why Vitamin C Supplements?

Acute vitamin C deficiency gives rise to scurvy. Lethargic behaviour, shortness of breath and bone pain thus follow.  

Who should consume vitamin C supplements might be the constant question nagging in the back of your head? Give it a relief, Bionova got you covered. 

It has been emphasised quite a lot that vitamin C is a water-soluble element. The vitamin C levels that the body stores vary and hence, consumption of five servings (varied) of fruits and vegetables each day may stand insufficient to meet desired levels of vitamin C. 

The amalgamation of five servings of vegetables and fruits with vitamin C supplements help gain all possible effects. When health is the most valuable wealth, there exists no reason for you to avoid Vitamin C supplements until you are on medications. In such a case, it’s advisable to consult your physician. 

Bionova introduces before you non-acidic and buffered vitamin C tablets, Richcee 1000. Boost your immune system and produce collagen naturally. The procedure involved in the formulation of tablets ensures the absence of fillers and chemicals. Hence, the daily consumption of Richcee 1000 tablets (refer to usage section for clarity) help assist the healthy functioning of tissue development and supports the nervous system.


Richcee 1000, Vitamin C vegetarian tablets come packed in a sun-protected PET bottle. No harmful or heavy metals are ever used.


Bionova’s vegetarian Richcee 1000 packed in PET bottle consists of 30 tablets. Intake of each tablet provides 1000 mg of vitamin C.

Usage (Suggested Dose)

Preferably consume 1 tablet daily with water after meal.


Our tablets are gender-inclusive and suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. However, a few of the side effects are mentioned below in the ‘exercise caution’ section, make sure you read that before making the final call.

Here, arrives the section that will lay a concrete base to assist you prefer Bionova’s supplements. 

Why Bionova’s Richcee 1000, Vitamin C Vegetarian Tablets?

Bionova Richcee 1000 is manufactured in a GMP and HACCP certified facility with hypoallergenic and 100% vegetarian ingredients. The tablets you receive at your doorstep from Bionova are, therefore, non-acidic and buffered. The elimination of fillers and toxic chemicals in the entire procedure ensures tablets are cent per cent pure and free from harmful additives.

The blend of natural ingredients in the form of a tablet makes this offered supplement suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Each Richcee 1000 tablet contains 1000mg vitamin C which is non-acidic in nature, does not upset the stomach and supports various roles in the body.

The packaging procedure follows all protocols of hygiene and is available for consumption after passing more than 30 rigorous quality checks. Each batch gets screened for potency, identity and safety. Hence, tablets get supervised through good manufacturing practices. The strict vigilance over quality & purity of the ingredients at multiple stages involved in packaging follows the procedure, after passing which vitamin C tablets get finally dispatched.


Bionova’s vitamin C tablets might benefit your body in the following ways:

  • Boost Immune System: Free radicals are highly reactive and often short-lived substances arising from bodily processes and exposure to pollution. The cell damage capacity it holds gets subsidized by vitamin C’s antioxidant characteristic. Vitamin C may help reduce inflammation and helps protect our body from immune deficiencies thereby lowering the risk of severe conditions by fighting free radicals.
  • Promotes Natural Collagen Production: Collagen is a vital component of tissue connectivity, cartilage and bones. Vitamin C supplementation supports flexibility and healthy joint and cartilage functions. It is also one of the key components of skin structure. Daily supplementation of vitamin C boosts collagen production and supports healthy skin structure and youthful appearance.
  • Effective in Wound Healing: The collagen production that Vitamin C supports is present in skin, muscle, and other tissues. Studies suggest that desired intake of Vitamin C supports the healing of a wound and strengthen the skin’s defence system. At times, healthcare professionals are seen suggesting Vitamin C supplements during times of recovery.
  • Supports Joint Health: Vitamin C possesses strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It may help support cardiac health by keeping the arteries flexible and may provide the required support to joint health.
  • Healthy Nervous System: Vitamin C supports the building of blood vessels in the human body. Additionally, the absorption of the mineral iron by Vitamin C further encourages healthy tissue development.

In a nutshell, vitamin C supplements provide all-day protection and support overall wellness in men and women.

Exercise Caution

Though the side effects are rare, we believe in strict honesty. Bionova takes proper measures in ensuring the quality of tablets that helps you achieve your purpose of consumption. 

It is advised to read the following points and allow us to bring to your notice how excessive usage of tablets could pose serious health ailments. Below listed are the common ones: 

  • Excessive usage of tablets (more than advised quantity) can cause headache, diarrhoea and may result in kidney stones in extreme cases.
  • It is unsafe to consume Vitamin C if you are pregnant or nursing a baby.

Herbal/health supplements are not recommended for children. Consider seeking medical advice. 

Do not consume Vitamin C tablets in place of medications prescribed by your doctor. Consult a physician and seek their advice.

Finally, let Bionova aid you achieve the purpose you are here for. Get your hands on vegetarian Richcee 1000 Vitamin C tablets.


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