Nectar Valley Baking Powder | Double acting - Aluminium Free | For better fluffyness & doesn't give metallic aftertaste - 250g

Nectar Valley Baking Powder is double acting & aluminum free, can be used in a variety of recipes. Double-acting baking powders (so named because they generate carbon dioxide gas first on adding liquid and then again under the heat of the oven).

  • Suitable for men & Women
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Quality Verified
Weight: 250 Grams

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INGREDIENTS: Sodium Bicarbonate

STORAGE: Keep in a cool, hygienic & dry place. Do not use wet spoon

DIRECTION FOR USE: One of the most important thing you can do to improve the taste of your cakes, quick breads, cookies, naans, kulchas and muffins is to switch to aluminum-free baking powder. Nectar Valley alluminium free baking powder elemintaes that bitter after taste in your food and gives better fluffyness. Ideal for baking products & snacks like samosas, dhokla, bhatura & papdi

Baking powder can lose its oomph and doesn’t last forever. If you are using this pack after a long time and if in doubt if your baking powder is still good, add a teaspoonful to a half cup of boiling water. If it boils vigorously, the baking powder is still good.

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